A bibliophile is a lover of books. A bibliophilist is a collector of books. Both are words I’m glad to have used as descriptors of a part of who I am.

I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. I try to balance between the two but have a larger diet of fiction than non-fiction. I enjoy humor, science fiction/fantasy, and mysteries. I often read the books my kids are reading, in part because I like to read and in part to see what they are interested in. In the non-fiction department I read mostly books on Christian living and doctrine, though I do enjoy biographies and “how to” books.

There is a huge pile of books in the “to be read” pile, even so, getting a recommendation for another good book always makes my day.

This blog is really just a bunch of book reports, with a few bookish comments thrown in for good measure. I have another blog Excogitation where I post random thoughts. Mostly I do both blogs for my own pleasure, being somewhat doubtful that anyone much besides my husband is bothering to read them. I am, however, thrilled when someone stops by and comments, so please feel free to do so.

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