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Library Nostalgia

Outside the Library at Trinity College -- 2004

One of the blogs I follow – Jesus Creed – often puts up a picture of the Old Library at Trinity College in posts about books. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know we had the good fortune to visit Trinity College in 2004. Every time I see the picture pop up on Jesus Creed, I get a very nostalgic feeling and wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to visit there again. Then I get to thinking about other libraries. If I close my eyes I can picture the library we visited in Champaign, IL when I was growing up and remember the joy of sitting there with a newly selected book, reading away. I long for the the excellent libraries of Grand Rapids, Michigan which I have really not seen matched anywhere we have lived.

Is there a library in your past that brings up feelings of nostalgia for you? Do you have good memories of time spent in a library? If you do, what specifically do you remember?

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  1. Peggy Holley
    Monday, 26 July 2010 at 9:12 am

    My favorite is the library at Boston University. Personal reading corals overlook the Charles River. One can read and watch the Harvard rowing teams practicing. The library at the University of Illinois was so vast that I had to turn the lights on myself when moving to a new section.

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