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Busybody Bibliophilist asks About Parental Reading

Sunday we were blessed with our second grandchild, a healthy baby girl. As I was mulling over the joy of a grandchild, I realized that I especially look forward to reading with each of my grandkids. I’ve taken pleasure in looking at books with our two year old granddaughter (even “where’s the kitty?” is such fun) and expect to do the same with her younger sister as she gets older.

My parents read to my brother and me when we were young and we both grew up to be avid readers. We read to our children, and three of the four are avid readers, and though one is not quite as enthusiastic, he still enjoys reading.

Somewhere it seems I have heard that if you read to kids they will grow up to be readers. Does this jive with your experience? I know that a person can be an avid reader even without being read to as a child, but I am curious to know about your experience with reading as a child and whether you think it has influenced your reading habits now.

It would please me if you’d take a minute to answer my poll question and leave any comments you may have as well.

  1. Steve
    Monday, 31 May 2010 at 9:48 am

    I’d read more if there weren’t always higher priorities, like going to work. I do listen to audio books while jogging or driving to work, though, and read magazines or books on the plane instead of watching movies, and … maybe I’m still an avid reader without much time to read?

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