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Over the years we have subscribed to several different magazines. Piled here and there throughout the house we’ve had copies of Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Texas Monthly, Martha Stewart’s Living not to mention Highlights for kids. Others, too, but right now I can’t even recall what they were. Nowadays, we are down to three subscriptions:

Books & Culture

Publisher’s description:Launched in September 1995, Books & Culture is a bimonthly review that engages the contemporary world from a Christian perspective. Every issue of Books & Culture contains in-depth reviews of books that merit critical attention, as well as shorter notices of significant new titles. While the magazine’s center is Christian, we seek common ground with like-minded souls from other communities of faith.

The Stone-Campbell Journal

Publisher’s description: Stone-Campbell Journal is designed for students, scholars, and ministers of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement who think deeply about the Bible, theology, and issues related to our common heritage. SCJ provides a scholarly platform for biblical interpretation, history, theology, philosophy, apologetics, and cultural criticism for those who value the perspective of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement and who endeavor to advance its distinctive principles today.

Wired Magazine

Amazon.com’s description: WIRED uncovers the most surprising and resonant stories about the people, companies, technologies and ideas that are transforming our lives. Whether it’s technology…business…global politics…new media…arts and culture…the environment…or the best new products, WIRED is there, on the front lines of the 21st Century.

How about you? Do you subscribe to any magazines? (Or buy them at the news stand?) What are your favorites?

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