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Reading on an iPhone

Friday, 26 February 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

In 2007 a post here at Bibliophilist asked whether the Kindle would catch on or not. With over 3 million of them in the hands of Amazon customers, I’d say that they have indeed caught on.

Because I tend to listen to audiobooks or get my books from Paperbackswap.com, at present there is still no Kindle residing here in our home. However, recently Rob Bell offered a free Kindle download of Velvet Elvis to celebrate the sale of the 500,000th copy of the book, which was enough impetus to get me to download and install the new Kindle for iPhone app.

Today I found a source for free ebooks, called Feedbooks. Unfortunately, they do not offer content that will work in the Kindle for iPhone format. So, I’ve downloaded another reader, Stanza.

Downloading apps and free books is as far as I’ve gotten though. While I was hoping to be able read when stuck in waiting mode away from home, I have had the Kindle for iPhone app on my phone for over a month now and have yet to remember that it is there.

What about you? Are you a Kindle user (or do you use another reader like the Nook)? Do you read ebooks on your mobile device? If so, which app do you prefer? Do you have a good source for books?

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