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Assaulted by Joy by Stephen W. Simpson

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Non-fiction: Christian Life. Advanced Reader Copy from Zondervan Publishers. Publishing 1 October 2008. 240 pages.

assaultedThe title of this book brought to mind another title, Surprised by Joy, by C. S. Lewis. Turns out that was the intention! Lewis’ book ends at his conversion. This book begins at Simpson’s conversion, which is where he contends a story really starts. Throughout the book he chronicles the ups and downs of his Christian life and his response to them. He writes candidly, with humor when appropriate, and without waxing over difficult things or giving off “I’m better than everyone else” vibes. It’s an easy* read with a good message. Not a “here’s how you make everything in your life right” message, but an excellent lesson on what is important and how to have true joy.

Publisher’s summary:
When the author made a commitment to the Lord at age seven, he believed the Christian life would be simple. Over the years, his beliefs about God were challenged by painful and confusing experiences in church as a teenager, the death of a beloved friend in college, and bouts of doubt and despair in graduate school.

He married the girl of his dreams, yet he was still not happy. Then came the quadruplets. And the author thought God had gone nuts. He was terrified of the disruption that one child would bring to his life, let alone four. God, however, knew exactly what he was doing.

Assaulted by Joy follows the growth and spiritual renewal of a self-proclaimed “jerk” who discovers the inescapable tension between joy and suffering. Each chapter recounts events—from the suspenseful to the heartbreaking to the hysterical—that teach lessons about God, life, love, marriage, and the assaulting joy of being a new father.

*I mean that in a complimentary way. Some books are good but require a lot of thought to be understood. This book is good without requiring a dictionary or rereading to be comprehended.

  1. Thursday, 27 November 2008 at 9:30 am

    As I reflect on the many reasons I have for being thankful, I am definitely moved to give God thanks and praise for your light and life. May God’s richest blessings continue flow through you to enlighten and enrich the lives of others.

    Love in the Lord,
    Bill Williams

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