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Audible.com: Orson Scott Card Selects

This morning there has been some procrastination going on. After perusing all the regular morning web sites, more delay was wanted. (It is Monday, after all.) Audible.com came to mind and the Science Fiction/Fantasy section was the destination. Lo, and behold! There was Orson Scott Card! Audible has a new monthly feature called Orson Scott Card Selects. Here’s the description from Card:

Welcome to my home on Audible.com! It’s easy for great novels and novellas to get lost in the bookstore—not everything can get front-of-store display! But that’s exactly what I’ll be doing with Orson Scott Card Selects—moving new and classic sci-fi and fantasy right to the front, so you’ll have a better chance of noticing terrific stories performed by first-rate readers. We’re still inventing the future, and science fiction writers are in the business of giving you an advance look!

His book for the month is featured, along with a spoken introduction that you can listen before you decide whether to buy or not. Included this month with his description of the book is a little bit of the history of Science Fiction which is very interesting.

It looks to be a good way to glean some new recommended reads in the SciFi genre. This month Card has chosen:

By: Andre Norton
Narrator: Mark Douglas Nelson
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks LLC, 2008
Length: 6 hours and 58 min.

Publisher’s Summary:

“The two voyagers were neither of the same race nor of the same species, yet they worked together without words, as if they had established some bond which gave them a rapport transcending the need for speech.”

When Raf Kurbi’s spaceship from Earth burst into unexplored skies of the far planet Astra, it was made welcome by the natives of a once-mighty metropolis. But Kurbi was unaware of three vital things: (1) that Astra already harbored an Earth colony – descended from refugees from the world of the previous century; (2) that these men and women were facing the greatest danger of their existence from a new outburst of the inhuman fiends who had once tyrannized Astra; and (3) that the natives who were buying Kurbi’s science know-how were those very fiends – and their intentions were implacably deadly for all humans, whether Earth born or star born!

Much of the planet’s hopes lie with young Dalgard Nordis and his companion, Sssuri, a telepathic native of this alien world. If they fail, their planet will be subjugated and enslaved by that inhuman race.

Here is a top-notch planetary adventure novel by science fiction grand master Andre Norton.

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