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The Quotidian Mysteries by Kathleen Norris

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Non-Fiction: Christianity. Paperback from Paulist Press. Published in 1998. 88 pages. From: PaperBackSwap.com

quotidian.gifThis is a very thought provoking read. The contents were first presented at the 1998 Madeleva Lecture in Spirituality, then published as this book. Having not grown up with liturgy, it was helpful to me that I had recently read Scot McKnight’s Praying with the Church, which gave me a stronger basis for understanding her correlation between housework and liturgy. There are many things in the book that serve as reminders about what is important.

Here’s a quote:

…what we think we are only “getting through” has the power to change us, just as we have the power to transform what seems meaningless — the endless repetitions of a litany or motions of vacuuming a floor. What we dread as mindless activity can free us, mind and heart, for the workings of the Holy Spirit, and repetitive motions are conducive to devotions such as the Jesus Prayer or the rosary.

Publisher’s summary:
The bestselling author of The Cloister Walk reflects on the sanctifying possibilities of everyday work and how God is present in worship and liturgy as well as in ordinary life. Definitely not “for women only.”

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