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A Walk With Jane Austen by Lori Smith

Monday, 26 November 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Non-Fiction: Biography. Paperback from WaterBrook Press. Published in 2007. 256 pages. Purchased at Borders.

I stumbled upon an interview with author Lori Smith and was intrigued by the title of this book. So, when I saw it at Border’s the other day, I made an impulse purchase. I enjoyed how Smith wove facts about Jane Austen into her story, was thrilled when she mentioned some of the Austen places we visited during our time in the UK, wished I had visited all of them she talks about and got tickled when she’d stealthily insert an Austen quote in the text. Some of the book made me a bit uncomfortable, though. While I might have wished for more stuff about Austen, that wasn’t really what disconcerted me. It was all the obsessing over the guy that she met while in the UK that bothered me. Well, maybe not so much the obsessing, because I suppose it’s something that happens to everyone at some point, but that she was writing about it. I just kept thinking “if she and this guy are together now, how does he feel about this?” and the reverse “if they aren’t together, has he read this and how awkward is that?”. But, other than feeling uncomfortable with the idea of the repercussions of writing something like that so soon after the fact, I enjoyed the book and agreed with most of her assertions and even learned a few things about Jane Austen. Also, thanks to the end notes, I learned that one can buy a Jane Austen Action Figure. I may have to ask for one of those for Christmas.

Publisher’s summary:
Step into a Life of Grace
At thirty-three, dealing with a difficult job and a creeping depression, Lori Smith embarked on a life-changing journey following the life and lore of Jane Austen through England.

With humor and spirit, Lori leads readers through landscapes Jane knew and loved–from Bath and Lyme, to London and the Hampshire countryside–and through emotional landscapes in which grace and hope take the place of stagnation and despair. Along the way, Lori explores the small things, both meanness and goodness in relationships, to discover what Austen herself knew: the worth of an ordinary life.

Online book shopping:
Powell’s: A Walk With Jane Austen
amazon.co.uk: A Walk With Jane Austen
amazon.com: A Walk With Jane Austen
Audible.com: not currently available in audio format

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