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Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter

Non-Fiction: Christianity/Politics. Audiobook from Simon & Schuster Audio. Published in 2005. 4 hours, 50 minutes. Read by Jimmy Carter. Purchased by Steve from Audible.com

While outside the realm of my usual reading topics, I found this book to be pretty interesting. When President Carter managed to stay on the topic of how he feels we have strayed from the values that our country has been known for and away from personal back patting, it was thought provoking. He has some very good points. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with his reading, feeling like he was awkward and halting in some parts. (Steve however, did not notice anything like that, so I could be expecting too much.)

Publisher’s summary:
In Our Endangered Values, Carter offers a personal consideration of “moral values” as they relate to the important issues of the day. He puts forward a passionate defense of separation of church and state, and a strong warning of where the country is heading as the lines between politics and rigid religious fundamentalism are blurred.

Now, he describes his own involvement and reactions to some disturbing societal trends that have taken place during the last few years. These changes involve both the religious and the political worlds as they have increasingly become intertwined, and include some of the most crucial and controversial issues of the day, frequently encapsulated under “moral values”.

Many of these matters are under fierce debate. They include preemptive war, women’s rights, terrorism, civil liberties, homosexuality, abortion, the death penalty, science and religion, environmental degradation, nuclear arsenals, America’s global image, fundamentalism, and the melding of religion and politics.

Sustained by his lifelong faith, Jimmy Carter assesses these issues in a forceful and unequivocal but balanced and courageous way. Our Endangered Values is a book that his millions of readers have eagerly awaited.

Online book shopping:
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amazon.com: Our Endangered Values
Audible.com: Our Endangered Values

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