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Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell

Saturday, 12 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Non-Fiction: Christianity. Audio from Zondervan. Published in 2005. Recorded in 2005. Four hours. Read by Rob Bell. Purchased from Audible.com.

At four hours, this is not a long book. I listened to it over just a couple of days of housework. Rob Bell has got some good things to say. After hearing him preach a while back, then listening to his book, I can see why people are drawn to him. He’s got a fantastic way of bringing to light the historical context of the scripture and how it ties to what is being said in the Bible. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.

Publisher’s summary:
We have to test everything.

I thank God for anybody anywhere who is pointing people to the mysteries of God.

But those people would all tell you to think long and hard about what they are saying and doing and creating.

Test it. Probe it. Do that to this book.

Don’t swallow it uncritically. Think about it. Wrestle with it.

Just because I’m a Christian and I’m trying to articulate a Christian worldview doesn’t mean I’ve got it nailed. I’m contributing to the discussion.

God has spoken, and the rest is commentary, right?

Online book shopping:
Powell’s: Velvet Elvis
amazon.co.uk:Velvet Elvis
amazon.com: Velvet Elvis
Audible.com: Velvet Elvis

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