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Pilgrim Heart by Darryl Tippens

Non-Fiction: Christianity. Paperback from Leafwood Publishers. Published in 2006. 205 pages. Purchased from Amazon.com.

Well, thanks are due again to Preacher Mike for another great book recommendation. I’m passing this one on to my husband (fair warning, Steve) and would echo Preacher Mike’s endorsement.

UPDATE: (19 July 06) I meant to mention that I really enjoyed the notes in the back of the book, too. Looks like there is some good fodder for my reading list there.

Publisher’s summary:
Originally, the faith of Jesus was considered a distinctive way of life rather than a sophisticated theological system. Pilgrim Heart re-imagines discipleship as – first and foremost – a particular way of life guided by a set of simple, but powerful, daily practices known to the earliest disciples and the saints through the ages. These include:

* Friendship
* Sabbath Rest
* Hospitality
* Confession
* Forgiveness
* Listening
* Discernment
* Singing
* Creating
* Telling Stories

How would this approach to the religion of Jesus change the way we think and live? Pilgrim Heart is an invitation to consider afresh the way of Jesus in light of practices that have proven to transfrom lives of two thousand years.

Online book shopping:
Powell’s: Pilgrim Heart: The Way of Jesus in Everyday Life
amazon.co.uk: Pilgrim Heart: The Way of Jesus in Everyday Life
amazon.com: Pilgrim Heart: The Way of Jesus in Everyday Life
Audible.com: Not currently available as audio

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  1. Wednesday, 19 July 2006 at 10:36 am

    Another book I want to read. Summer is not my reading time I have decided to much going on. Now winter where the fire is burning and a cup of Java and my big chair now that’s reading weather.

    Did you know Spencer and Emily when they were at Rochester Hills?

  2. Wednesday, 19 July 2006 at 10:54 am

    Ah, yes, a fire, snow falling and a warm cuppa. Perfect reading. Though, a beach umbrella, waves gently lapping and an ice cold DP comes pretty close, too. But you are right. Who has time? I’m not getting much reading done this summer, either. (Except in church 😉

    I did not have the pleasure of meeting Spencer and Emily when they were at Rochester Hills. When were they in MI? Grand Rapids is on the other side of the state from Rochester, and I don’t get over that way too often. So, the folk I know there are the ones who venture over this way from time to time.

  3. Wednesday, 19 July 2006 at 3:40 pm

    They spent six months there before they headed off to Jinja. I hired Spencer as my assistant and Emily was in my youth group. Good People.

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