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The Hedge Knight by George R. R. Martin

Tuesday, 1 November 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fantasy. Paperback from Devil’s Due Publishing. Published in 2003. On loan from the Tamarack District Library. (Yea for interlibrary loan!)

This is a graphic novel, so besides the author I should mention that it was adapted by Ben Avery, penciled by Mike S. Miller, inked by Mike Crowell, colored by Team Kandora and lettered by Bill Tortolini. A lot of work goes into a graphic novel, that’s for sure.

I enjoyed this short prequel to the Song of Fire and Ice series that I recently have begun reading. The short story comes from a book edited a few years back by a fellow named Robert Silverberg called Legends. Eleven different fantasy writers contributed short stories set in the fantasy worlds that made them famous and this was Martin’s contribution. It was then adapted into graphic novel form, which is what I found. Guess I’ll have to go looking for the original short story now.

Publisher’s summary:
In this prequel story to George R. R. Martin’s Award winning, New York Times Best Selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, Night falls over the life of one noble knight and brings the dawn of his squire’s knighthood. Dubbing himself “Ser Duncan the Tall,” the Hedge Knight sets forth to the tourney at Ashford Meadow in search of fame, glory, and the honor of upholding his oath as a knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Unfortunately for him, the world isn’t ready for a knight who keeps his oaths, and his chivalrous methods could be the very cause of his demise.

To buy from from amazon.com, click here: The Hedge Knight

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