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Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Fiction. Audiobook from Time Warner Audio Books. Originally published in 1992, recorded in 2001. Purchased at Audible.com.

Snow Crash is not a book for someone who gets offended if the bible is used as a plot device – especially if it is twisted around a bit (okay, quite a bit). I don’t for one minute believe that the premise of the story is true, so it does not bother me. This was my third time through this book. I think most fans for Science Fiction would agree this is a great read. As an aside, the narrator of the audio book, Jonathan Davis, does an excellent job.

Publisher’s summary:
Only once in a great while does a writer come along who defies comparison – a writer so original he redefines the way we look at the world. Neal Stephenson is such a writer and Snow Crash is such a novel, weaving virtual reality, Sumerian myth, and just about everything in between with a cool, hip cybersensibility to bring us the gigathriller of the information age.

In reality, Hiro Protagonist delivers pizza for Uncle Enzo’s CosaNostra Pizza Inc., but in the Metaverse he’s a warrior prince. Plunging headlong into the enigma of a new computer virus that’s striking down hackers everywhere, he races along the neon-lit streets on a search-and-destroy mission for the shadowy virtual villain threatening to bring about Infocalypse. Snow Crash is a mind-altering romp through a future America so bizarre, so outrageous…you’ll recognize it immediately

To buy from amazon.co.uk, click here: Snow Crash
from amazon.com, click here: Snow Crash

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