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Saturday, 20 November 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today marks the opening of the first Apple Store in Europe. Lucky us, it just happened to be opening in London. Philip and John got on the first train into London at 0620 this morning to get into the queue. They were hoping to be one of the first 300 in line so they could buy a “Lucky Bag” – £700 worth of loot for £250. Unfortunately, many others had the same idea and there were already 600 people in front of them by the time they got there at 0730. The end of the queue was three blocks away from the front door by then. The weather was a chilly 3C. By the time Cara and I got there around 0900 John and Philip were pretty chilly. We got to run off a queue jumper who made the mistake of trying to worm his way right into the middle of our family while we weren’t looking. Even if he hadn’t put himself there it would have been obvious – after standing there for hours you tend to become familiar with the people that are standing around you. After a few minutes of those of us around him looking at him – I finally decided it was my responsibility as the brash American to tell him to bug off. So I did. Once I started questioning his right to be there the Brits chimed in as well, but I think they might have let him stand there if I hadn’t said anything. The queue continued to get longer as we approached the 1000 opening time. I think at it’s longest point it was six blocks. As 1000 approached all the Apple Store employees came along the queue giving high fives and whooping. 1000 came and went and we inched forward. They only let small groups in at a time so the store would not be overcrowded. We stood there until about 1130 when it finally got to be our turn to go into the store. We were fortunate enough to be in the first 2000 people in the door so we got a free Apple t-shirt. Of course, the t-shirts were all the same size – extra large. But, we had a great time looking around the store at all the cool Mac products and I even bought a silver iPod Mini (couldn’t help myself – so cute). To see the photos click here: Apple Store Opening.

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