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Ireland – RyanAir

Tuesday, 26 October 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last Thursday we headed to Ireland for a quick holiday. Our flight was out of London Luton airport, which is to the north of London, just a little ways up the M1. It took us about 50 minutes by car to get there.

We flew on RyanAir, which is an Irish airline that is similar to Easy Jet or Southwest. They advertise cheap, cheap fares, some as low as .99p. If you buy your tickets early enough you can get a very inexpensive flight. By the time we got around to buying it cost us about £60 per person. Still very reasonable.

When you check in at the airport, you get a number based on how many others have checked in before you. When it is time to board the plane, after old folks and people with kids board, they board people with numbers 1-65. There are no assigned seats, so you get on and find a place. From London to Dublin we were numbers 84 and 85, so we were not able to sit together. (From Dublin to London we were 65 and 66.) The plane seemed very new, but it was not a fancy plane at all. The seats were fake leather, there were no pockets on the seat backs, and the emergency information was just stuck on the seat back in front of you. They offered some simple foods, drinks and snacks, but they all cost extra.

I don’t think I’d want to fly like that on an overseas flight, but for the 50 minutes it took to get to Dublin, it was fine.

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