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Scary Walk

Today we walked to the store for some milk. As we were walking through the train station parking lot, a mob of kids came after a group of five kids who were standing on the platform. (Two different ethnic groups.) Fifteen or so older teens came towards them obviously intent upon having it out with these other kids. A couple of them in the group had sticks that they were swacking against their hands in the way of folk out to do some whopping. The group on the platform was seriously outnumbered and tried to say that they didn’t want any trouble. The mob wasn’t having any of it. They came at them and the group on the platform ran away the only way they could – down the train tracks! Steve called 999 (UK 911) and reported what was going on and we went on to the store. On our way back to the house there were police everywhere and they had rounded up several of the kids. Apparently the mob managed to catch one of the platform kids, because someone was assaulted. It was frightening.

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