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Northern England

Today we drove up into Northern England. What should have been a five hour drive at the most drug out to almost seven hours due to traffic back ups. According to BBC radio, the congestion was due to a oversize truck taking up two lanes of the road. We gave up on the motorway after an hour and a half of moving along at a crawl and worked our way there on back roads.

We are staying in a “self-catering” cottage near Hadrian’s wall. As opposed to a Bed and Breakfast, a self-catering cottage is a small apartment like accommodation that has a kitchen, living area, bath, and bedrooms. Since we will supply our own food and clean up after ourselves, it will cost considerably less than a B & B. At a B & B it generally costs approximately £20 – 25 per person per night, where as the Self-Catering Cottage was £55 per night. It’s much more economical for us to go this route. This particular cottage has three bedrooms, a nice size living area, kitchen, (equipped dishes, silverware, etc as well as with dishwasher and a washer/dryer), and a bathroom. It is just outside the town of Haydon Bridge and is surrounded by farmland. There is even a small pond just down the hill from the back door. My main complaint would be that their standard of cleanliness is quite a bit lower than mine. The minor complaint would be the quality of the beds! (Though honestly they aren’t any worse than any of the others we have experienced here while traveling.)

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