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Movie Ratings

Sunday, 1 February 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Without really giving it much thought, I had always just assumed that a US movie playing overseas would have the same rating that was attached to it by the Classification and Ratings Administration in the states. However, when a movie is released here in the UK it is with a rating done by the British Board of Film Classification. Here are the categories and the general guidelines they use for them:

Suitable for audiences aged four and over

Universal Child
Particularly suitable for preschool children

Parental Guidance
General viewing but some scenes unsuitable for some children

12 A
No one younger than 12 admitted without an adult

Absolutely no one younger than 15 admitted

Absolutely no one younger than 18 admitted

Explicit (only in sex shops)

(The web site at the link above has more specific info on each category, for those who are interested.)

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