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Warwick Castle

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Warwick Castle is rated as the number one castle to visit among Britons. Located north of Oxford, near Stratford on Avon, Warwick Castle is an impressive sight. There has been a castle on the site for a thousand years, the first being a motte and bailey fort established by William the Conqueror. By the 14th century it was completely rebuilt in stone. The mill and engine room associated with the castle since the early 12th century is also open to the public and shows how the Earl of Warwick generated electricity for the castle during the Victorian age. Now the whole site is a popular tourist attraction – as witnessed by the many different accents and languages we heard on our visit there.

The castle has many interesting exhibits: a ghost tower; a dungeon in which you can see a torture chamber, as well as many implements of torture; the armory with armor, swords, guns and crossbows; towers to climb; ramparts to walk along. Many of the rooms are furnished: the chapel; state room; great hall; drawing room; bedroom and boudoir. Some of these are set up with displays depicting every day life and including very realistic wax figures of some of the people who lived in the castle over the years. There are many docents available to answer questions as well as “shows” including singers, magicians and fire eaters. The grounds themself are extensive and very nice for strolling around by the river.

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